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What we do?

  • We help you to get your new / existing products developed and sourced (manufactured / supplied) in India through our verified and reliable vendor partners.

  • Whether you wish to localize your components (products) production, or develop Indian vendor base or just get tooling & machinery designed, developed or / and manufactured, we help you to do that in a hassle free & smooth way.

  • Lack of technical knowledge, facilities, resources, network are no more your limitations, as you can rely on our expertise, experience and our integration capabilities synergized with our wide & diversified network of vendor (manufactures & producers) partners.

  • We aggregate the requirements of smaller quantities of components (products) by grouping the customers, requiring same components (products) and help each customer in the group to source (manufacture / procure) in bulk to achieve economies of scale.

  • We ensure, Making in India is Made Easy for you.

Way of work

Connect customers with potential vendors/manufacturers; Help to choose the best fit.

Collaborate among vendors & manufacturers and customers; Manage.

Integrate the outputs from the vendors & manufactures to deliver to the customer.


Consult & Plan

Design & Develop

Produce & Procure

Monitor & Manage

Type of Work

Mechanical Engineered Products and Equipment

Across Domains & Industries (Automotive, Aerospace, Electrical & Electronics, etc)

Engineering / Industrial Application or Commercial / Domestic Application


  • Press Tools & Sheet Metal Parts

  • Molds & Molded Plastic Parts

  • Engineering Fabrication & Welded/Fastened Assemblies

  • Jigs & Fixtures, Special Purpose Machines

  • Precision Machined Parts

  • Custom Manufactured Parts / Products

Who We Serve (Target Customers)

Institutional (B2B)

Industries (Engineered Products)

Business Owners / Traders / Wholesalers (Commercial Products)

Retail (B2C)

End Users / Consumers (Custom Manufactured, Non-Standard, Non-General Products / Parts)

How it Works?

Consultancy Service Model:

We act as your advisor, technical expert and project manager and get the things made from our broad base of quality vendors. We ensure there will be competitive bidding to secure best possible pricing and rigorous monitoring to ensure timely and quality out put. All the commercial agreements will be between you and the vendors where as there will be a tri-patriate [Customer (you) - Consultancy (we) - Vendor/s] agreement for the execution of the project.

Then we help our customers right form conceptualization to the realization across our 4 delivery modules.

This modular process will enable you to use our service at any part of the value chain or the entire chain. Fully transparent model and you are in full control at any point of time.

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Master Vendor Model:

We act as your vendor and we deliver. All commercial agreements will be between you and us. Simple model with no room for ambiguity and your zero involvement in the project execution.

Why Make in India & Cuvens?

Why Make in India (the Opportunities)?

Consumer's Preference to 'Made in India'

Indian consumers are increasingly preferring the products made in India. Quality perception about India made products is better than about the ones imported from other low-cost manufacturing destinations. They also support the cause of contributing to India's Economic Development by buying India made products, wherever comparative & competitive products available.

Indian Govt's Aspirations to Promote 'Make in India'

The Indian government is promoting the "Idea of Making in India" like never before. Through this policy Govt. of India aims to achieve multiple objectives like:

  • Generating largescale Employment

  • The higher GDP growth rate

  • Technology Transfer

  • Decreasing Trade Deficit (Export and Import Substitution)

  • Decreasing Current Account Deficit

Govt of India encourages and attracts investors, industries and entrepreneurs to manufacture in India that creates opportunities for Indian SMEs. Thus SMEs should be well prepared to exploit these opportunities and compete with global counterparts to claim their rightful share in the global manufacturing industryh

Changing Global Sourcing Preferences Post Covid 19

Due to Covid19 supply disruptions, globally importers have realized the need and importance of diversification of the manufacturing bases and they are actively looking out for establishing alternative or/and additional manufacturing & sourcing destinations. India should be the obvious choice of such importers.

Why Make in India (the Problems)?

Purchasing Managers & Vendors face few contrasting issues.

While purchasing managers wonder why they aren't able to procure or get something done better, faster and cheaper locally than at another low-cost manufacturing foreign destination, local manufactures / vendors find it difficult to find enough sales to utilize their installed capacities to the fullest extent.

Indian Manufacturing ecosystem is fragmented. It is not well organized and not well synchronized, resulting in cost and delivery inefficiencies. There are many small players (Small & Micro Enterprises) with limited infrastructure. Well integrated manufacturers are rare in India.

SMEs are not in a position to upgrade and expand their capacities, as their existing capacities themselves are underutilized.

To overcome this problem in a limited way, vendors work in informal circles. That means as most of them don't have integrated infrastructure, each of them has to link up with complementing co-manufacturers / service providers usually within their known circles, based on close proximity, logistics convenience or simply based on their affinity with such other co-manufacturers. This may not be the best with respect to quality or price.

It will not be feasible or very difficult for the Purchasing Managers (Procurers / customers) to divide the project, get specific work done by the best possible vendor at best possible price and then integrate the individual outputs to complete the project.

And also, many a times customer, like in case of wholesaler or trader in particular product, may not be well versed with manufacturing process, techno-commercial nitty-gritties associated with manufacturing process.

This makes external integration and seamless project management necessary. That's what Cuvens Team does it for you.

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Why Cuvens? (the Solution)

Cuvens helps you make things

  • at Lower Cost,

  • of Better Quality,

  • with Faster Delivery,

  • Proudly Made in India.

Cuvens helps you to

  • Localize or to Diversify Sourcing

  • Substitute Imports or to Export

  • Increase Supply Chain Efficiency & Reliability

  • Decrease External Dependency & Risks

Solution Explained:

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