Case Studies

Case 1

One of our customers was procuring his products from a local vendor for reselling purposes. With challenges in competitive pricing in the market, he desperately wanted to reduce the procurement costs and increase margins. He approached Cuvens to help him in procuring the products at the right price, we helped him in providing consultancy service in getting his own Injection molds and production setup, this helped him in reducing his procurement costs by ~35%. This has immensely helped him in both profitability and competitiveness. Cumulative savings over a period of one year will be Rs.30 Lakhs, and ROI on tooling cost will be 6 months.

Type of Project Execution: Consultancy Model

Our Consultancy in this project includes:

  • Getting quotes from multiple vendors

  • Negotiate and finalize the tooling cost and production cost

  • Redesign & Optimize products to DFA [Design for Assembly] & DFM [Design for Manufacturing]

  • Planning the supply chain & ensure on-time delivery

Case 2

A customer had a requirement of non-standard consumable fasteners, we got the requirement to optimize the procurement price of the product. We took the requirement and got the products manufactured as a vendor ourselves, wherein we own the entire execution of the project from end to end, and the customer had almost zero intervention in the process. Basically, we were the vendor for the customer in this case, and we supply the product directly to the customer.

Type of Project Execution: Master Vendor Model

Our Role in this project includes:

  • Collect the product requirements

  • Find and deliver the product at the most affordable price to the customer directly

    • The customer has absolutely no involvement in any of the activities

    • We took this project on a collective sourcing model, wherein we also delivered the same product to another customer with similar requirements, thereby achieving economies of scale