How it Works?

We have two models of operation - Consultancy Service and Master Vendor.

Customers may choose either of the models based on their comfort or convenience.

Consultancy Service Model:

We act as your advisor, technical expert and project manager and get the things made from our broad base of quality vendors. We ensure there will be competitive bidding to secure the best possible pricing and rigorous monitoring to ensure timely and quality output. All the commercial agreements will be between you and the vendors whereas there will be a tri-patriate [Customer (you) - Consultancy (we) - Vendor/s] agreement for the execution of the project.

Then we help our customers right from conceptualization to the realization across our 4 delivery modules. This modular process will enable you to use our service at any part of the value chain or the entire chain. Fully transparent model and you are in full control at any point in time.

The process starts with customer raising inquiry (Module-1) about:

(a) getting the supply of a part/component or

(b) getting a tool/equipment manufactured or

(c) both or

(d) just a problem/concept/idea (without technical specifications)

We help conceptualization or/and specification definition

Each of these models is standalone as well as progressively connected. Customers may choose to get our service for any one or more of these modules or the whole set.

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Master Vendor Model:

We act as your vendor and we deliver. All commercial agreements will be between you and us. A simple model with no room for ambiguity and your zero involvement in the project execution.

How Are We Different and Cuvens Advantage

Cuvens is a complete solution provider. Though manufacturing is at the core of what we do, we don't ignore other allied & related needs linked to manufacturing that make manufacturing a smooth experience.

We Connect, Collaborate and Integrate all the stakeholders in the manufacturing delivery value chain, unlike the narrow scope of any other contract or captive manufacturer. This enables us to divide the work / project and get specific tasks done by better, cheaper and faster vendors and integrate the outputs.

We also serve to manufacturing of products that find applications in Industries, Commercial Establishments and even Domestic Utilities, unlike other captive manufacturers who specialize focus on particular segments only.

We are free from the biases towards any specific vendor / supplier / manufacturer, thanks to our open minded and go to & explore the market approach, unlike any other contract manufacturer / contract manufacturing service freelancer, due to their limitation & practical compulsion of dealing with a small network of vendors. This ensures we are free from the limitations with respect to resource or/and skill scarcities and don't have the compulsion to 'manage' within the 'installed & captive' infrastructure or using the employed & inhouse manpower / human resource, unlike a captive manufacturer.